You are currently viewing sunny_baba4 (Sunny Singh) – Most Popular Dance Influencer On Instagram

sunny_baba4 (Sunny Singh) – Most Popular Dance Influencer On Instagram

All About Sunny:-

sunny_baba4 is a YouTuber, dancer, choreographer, fitness blogger, and aspiring dancer. He is popularly known for his Bhojpuri dancing videos. Sunny was born on April 4, 1994 in Himachal Pradesh.

Sunny was born into a Hindu family. Sunny’s home town is Dhanbad, a city in Jharkhand, India. He has a very innocent personality. Sunny has wanted to become an actor since childhood. He started learning to dance at a very young age. 

Sunny has very different types of dance styles like freestyle, hip-hop, etc. But he has his speciality in freestyle. He is a popular sensation on Instagram. Sunny has an admiring personality. He is most popular on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube because of his Bhojpuri songs.

Sunny Singh’s dancing videos on Bhojpuri songs got millions of views on Instagram and YouTube. Sunny , the dancer, made up his mind to become a dancer after completing his studies because he was very fond of dancing and singing. 

Sunny has the most inspiring personality. He is the most popular face on Instagram and other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Sunny is a popular and handsome model, actor, and video creator on YouTube and Instagram. He is well known for his dancing videos to Bhojpuri songs. He is an extrovert by nature.

Sunny was born in Himachal Pradesh. But Sunny is currently living in Dhanbad, a city in Jharkhand. He loves to live with his family. He also loves travelling with his family and friends. The Mall is his favourite place to visit in Shimla.

It’s Sunny’s dream to have a dance academy where students can learn to dance without paying a single penny. In August 2015, he bought himself his first car, which was a Swift Dzire Vdi.

Speaking about his profession, he wants to make his career in the Bhojpuri dancing industry. He is very close to his family members. His family is very supportive and encouraging of his profession.

He also loves watching movies and series with his family, as he has a very hectic daily routine, so he enjoys watching movies and sharing things about the whole day with his mother. Sunny’s nature is very humorous. 

He has his own personal Youtube channel named OM FILMS, and on this social media platform he has also achieved 62K subscribers. Some of his YouTube dancing videos have crossed millions of views. He only joined YouTube on August 12, 2020, and in such a short time, he has achieved such a huge response from the public and gotten millions of views and subscribers. His YouTube dancing videos are mostly of Bhojpuri songs. He also loves to dance with his friends and family for enjoyment.

Followers (Sunny) are increasing rapidly. He has achieved 139k followers on Instagram, and his reach on the Instagram profile is still growing. His dancing video has thousands of views on Instagram. Sunny is a social media influencer from India. He is very creative and elegant with his content. He has a very clear vision of his goals and definitely will achieve them because he is very hard-working. 

Full Name:Sunny Singh
Nick name: Sunny Baba
Date of birth:April 4, 1994
Skin Color:Fair
Home town:Dhanbad
Birth place:Himachal Pradesh
Profession:Video Creator / Dance Influencer
Relationship status:Single

What sunny_baba4 likes:

Hobbies:Horse riding, Dancing, Clubbing
Favorite Food:Pizza
Favorite Place:Shimla
Favorite Bike:Royal Enfield Meteor,Yamaha YZF R15
Favorite Car: Tharr , Fortuner

Net worth details of (sunny_baba4)

Estimated annual worth in 2020:$1700 (approx.)
Estimated annual Worth (2021):$2100 (approx.)
Yearly wages :Under Consideration
Source of Income:Instagram / YouTube

Sunny Singh’s social media accounts are as follows:


Some rejuvenating facts about Sunny :

  • Sunny is a fitness conscious. He is very conscious of his health and wealth. He believes in eating healthy food. Sunny usually consumes green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Sunny loves to share his new creative and critical videos on Instagram.
  • Sunny crossed 138k followers on Instagram and 62k subscribers on YouTube.
  • Sunny started his dancing career by dancing at small stages , but he gained popularity in Bhojpuri songs and then chose to make a career in this field.
  • He is very close to his mother because he also loves dancing. According to Sunny, his mother is the inspiration behind his becoming a dancer.
  • He is good friends with the other actors and dancers.
  • Sunny’s zodiac sign is Aries. Sunny follows the Hindu religion. And nationally he is Indian.
  • Sunny was a big fan of “Superman” when he was a kid.
  • Sunny was given the pet name “Handsome Guy” in his high school and college days, as he was very skinny at that time.

Sunny hasn’t revealed much about his personal life yet, but whenever he shares any news, we will update you soon.


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Frequently asked questions:-

  • Does Sunny love travelling or not?

Sunny loves travelling with his family, especially his cousins, and also with his friends. Shimla is his favorite destination to visit.

  • Sunny Baba Smoke?

No, Sunny, doesn’t have any kind of addiction. Sunny is only addicted to dancing.

  • What does Sunny Baba like other than dancing?

As Sunny has a very tight schedule in his daily routine, he sometimes goes horse riding in his free time. He also often goes clubbing with his friends.

  • Why is sunny_baba4 so popular?

Sunny Singh (sunny_baba4) is most popular for his dancing videos of Bhojpuri songs and because he has a very great sense of humor.

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