You are currently viewing Rutvik Dhagiya, also known as rkbapuofficial, is a fast-rising Instagram funny video creator 2022

Rutvik Dhagiya, also known as rkbapuofficial, is a fast-rising Instagram funny video creator 2022

Rutvik’s Profile/Wiki:

rkbapuofficial is a well-liked social media content creator from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is a funny video creator. He regularly posts comedy videos on his Instagram account. His fan following is increasing day by day as people like his content. Rutvik puts so much hard work into creating comedy videos for his audience. He is a very good-looking and stylish social media content creator across Ahmedabad.

His full name is Rutvik Jitendrakumar Dhagiya. People called him by his nickname, “Rk Bapu”. He was born on November 24th, 2000 in Ahmedabad. He’s fair, young, tall, and has a good physique and a great personality. He is intelligent and has also completed his diploma in electrical. He makes a living as a social media content creator.

On Instagram, rkbapuofficial (Rutvik Dhagiya) has over 328 posts and over 1.67 lakh (and growing) fans. Some of his reels have received lakhs of views on Instagram, and his fan following is growing day by day because of his comedy videos. He started his own YouTube channel named Rk Bapu in January 2020. He has more than 3150 subscribers and 6 videos with over 34,285 views on his YouTube channel. He gained fans from every age group. Whenever he goes outside, his fans surround him to take pictures with him, and he’s so friendly with his fans.


Rutvik Dhagiya has a different vision for his life. He is a youngster and is achieving his goals as a social media content creator. He wants to become a full-time influencer to provide the best content for his audience. rkbapuofficial also makes funny Instagram stories as different characters named “Rkvati” and “Jiglo”. Rkvati is a female character, and Jiglo is a young boy character played by rkbapuofficial.

Rutvik is an animal lover. He believes that “animal lovers are a special breed of human.” He’s so kind and humble in nature.

Rutvik is a garba lover. His favourite festival is Navratri. As a funny video creator, he has a childish and light nature. It’s hard to control your laughter when he’s around you. He can make a sad person laugh, and that’s a really great achievement for a human nowadays.

Full name:Rutvik Jitendrakumar Dhagiya
Nick name:Rk Bapu
Date of birth:24th November 2000
Skin Color:Fair
Home town:Ahmedabad
Birth place:Ahmedabad
Educational Qualification:Diploma in Electrical
Profession:Social media influencer
Relationship status:Committed with Shivanii_patel

What Rutvik Dhagiya likes:

Hobbies:Swimming, Travelling, Exploring new things
Favourite Food: PizzaPizza
Favourite Place:Goa
Favourite Bike:Yamaha FZ X

Net worth details of Rutvik Dhagiya

Estimated net worth in 2020:$780 (approx.)
Estimated Year’s Net Worth (2021):$855 (approx.)
Annual Salary:Under Consideration
Income Source:Instagram

Rutvik Dhagiya’s social media accounts are as follows:


Fascinating facts about Rutvik Dhagiya:

  • The rapidly expanding social media content creator, rkbapuofficial, lives with his joint family in Ahmedabad.
  • He is a good-natured and company-loving person. He can easily attract anyone with his charming personality. 
  • Rutvik is a sympathetic and entertaining human being. That’s why he’s a funny video creator.
  • Rutvik is in good shape as he is a fitness freak. He goes to the gym daily and follows a strict diet as he is very serious about his health. He believes in “Health is Wealth”.
  • He loves to ride sports bikes. His favourite sports bike is the Yamaha FZ X.
  • He is health-conscious, but when it’s time for a cheat meal, he will prefer pizza over anything. He’s basically a pizza lover.
  • Apart from being a good social media content creator, Rutvik is also a very good swimmer. He is also passionate about exploring new things.
  • Rutvik has posted three travel vlog videos on his YouTube channel. He posted these vlogs when he went to Goa for a vacation with his friends. In these videos, he covered all the places to visit so his audience could get a sense of how exciting a trip would be. He has also uploaded two funny videos of “Dodhdayi Girlfriend.” which was too funny.
  • The most viewed video on his channel was The first vlog of Goa crossed more than ten thousand views on YouTube.

Rutvik Dhagiya hasn’t revealed much about his personal life yet, but whenever he shares any news, we will update you soon.

Frequently asked questions:-

  • Who is the famous social media influencer from ahmedabad, Gujarat?

Rutvik Dhagiya also known as rkbapuofficial is a well-known social media sensation from Ahmedabad.

  • Who is Rani rkvati?

Rani rkvati is none other than rkbapuofficial’s virtual instagram funny character which he used to make funny instagram stories.

  • Who is a funny video creator from ahmedabad?

rkbapuofficial is a funny video creator from ahmedabad.

  • What kind of videos he uploads on his youtube channel?

He uploads mostly vlog videos on his YouTube channel and he also uploaded two funny videos.

  • His Qualification?

He has a degree of Electrical Diploma.


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