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am_avinash_sharma (Avinash Banathia)- Jammu’s Young Talent On Instagram

All About Avinash:

Avinash Banathia

 Avinash Banathia is an Instagram video creator from Jammu. He is the most famous Instagram influencer from India. Avinash is not a new name on the Instagram platform. He is the most popular face among the girls. Most girls, even boys, like his content on social media. Most of his content is all about friendship.

Avinash has the most charming personality . He is the most popular face on Instagram and other social media platforms. Avinash is a popular model, actor, and video creator on YouTube and Instagram. He is well known for his videos on Friends. He is an extrovert by nature.

 Avinash Banathia (am_avinash_sharma) is originally from Jammu. He is also currently living in Jammu alone. His birthplace is Jammu. He loves travelling with friends. He is a young talent in India. 

Avinash Banathia was born into a Hindu family. He is staying with his family members. He is very close to his mother.He also loves travelling with his cousins and his friends. His family is very supportive of his profession. 

Followers (am_avinash_sharma) are increasing significantly. He has achieved 57.6k followers on Instagram, and his reach on Instagram is still growing. His friendship video has skyscraping views on Instagram. Avinash Banathia is a social media star from India. He is very creative about his content . He has a very clear vision of his goals. He is working very hard to achieve his dreams.

Avinash is a food-loving person. He loves the food cooked by his mother. His favourite dish is Rajma Chawal, made by his mom’s hand.

The most amazing fact about Avinash is that he also loves to dance. He is a knowledgeable dancer. Some of his fluent dancing videos went viral. He is a short-lip-sync video creator. He has a happy expression on his face as he shoots his Instagram video.

He has his own personal Youtube channel named Avinash Banathia, and on this social media platform he has also achieved 2K subscribers. Some of his YouTube shorts have crossed millions of views. He only joined YouTube on January 13th, 2016 and in such a short time, he has achieved such a huge response from the public and gotten millions of views and subscribers. His YouTube shorts are mostly about friendship. He believes that if we have friends with us, then we can achieve all the things we want, and friends will never leave us in any situation in life.

Avinash is also the most popular face on the platform called MX Takatak. His username on the MX Takatak is “avinash.banathia.”He has 2.2 million followers on this platform. He has accumulated 10.3 million likes on videos he posted on MX Takatak.

It is his dream to travel to Leh, Ladakh with his friends. He loves to explore new destinations with family and friends. He loves to share everything with his parents.

Avinash Banathia has a good collection of clothes and shoes. He is also very passionate about watches. He is a fashion model. He has very good taste in fashion. He is a fashion icon for many of the younger generation.

Above all, he likes to watch movies and series with his friends. In addition, he loves to eat chocolates. He is a very kind-hearted person, and he is very emotional in nature. 

Avinash is a 21-year-old popular social media star in India. He was born on July 8th, 2001 in Jammu. Avinash is popularly known for his lip-sync and friendship videos on social media like Instagram, Reels, Mx Takatak, YouTube, etc. 

am_avinash_sharma also known for his rejuvenating smile and amazing personality. He is very friendly in nature.

Full Name:Avinash Banathia
Nick name:Avi
Date of birth:8th July 2001
Age:21 (2022)
Skin Color:Fair
Home town:Jammu
Birth place:Jammu
Educational Qualification:Perusing (2022)
Profession:Social media influencer/ Actor
Relationship status:Single

What Avinash Banathia likes:

Hobbies:Acting, Dancing
Favourite Food:Rajma chawal
Favourite Place:Ladakh
Favourite Bike:KTM Duke
Favourite Car:Thar and Range Rover

Net worth details of (am_avinash_sharma)

Estimated net worth in 2020:$1500 (approx.)
Estimated Year’s Net Worth (2021):$2100 (approx.)
Annual Salary:Under Consideration
Income Source:Instagram and YouTube

Avinash Banathia’s social media accounts are as follows:

MX Takatak:

Some mesmerising facts about Avinash Banathia (am_avinash_sharma):

  • Avinash is a fitness freak. He is very much conscious about his health. He believes in taking a healthy diet. He usually consumes green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Our well-known young talent, am_avinash_sharma, lives in Jammu with his family.
  • He also loves solo travelling.
  • He is very punctual about his work. 
  • Avinash is very kind-hearted so his friends also love to work with him.
  • He enjoys every moment of his life.
  • At a very young age, He started his journey, and now he is rising as the most popular social media star in India. He is an independent. He began working at a young age. He makes his parents proud and represents his city globally on social media platforms.

Avinash hasn’t revealed much about his personal life yet, but whenever he shares any news, we will update you soon.


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Frequently asked questions:-

  • Young talent from Jammu on Instagram?

Am_avinash_sharma (Avinash Banathia) is a famous social media content creator from Jammu. He makes friendship videos on Instagram.

  • What is the name of Avinash Sharma’s YouTube Channel?

Avinash Banathiais the name of the youtube channel owned by Avinash

  • How many social media platforms Avinash Banathia is available?

Avinash Banathia is available on Instagram, YouTube, Mx Takatak, etc.

  • What is the age of Avinash Banathia?

He is 21 years old as per the year 2022.

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