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Professional Handyman Services of 2022

What are Handyman Services?

The Handyman services handle all aspects of your home’s maintenance. Everything is included in it, from the roof to the walls, and even the outside. Paints, machinery repair and maintenance, tiles, and so on. 

All of the smaller to larger repairs in the house are covered by the handyman and maintenance services.

These services give your home a fresh look, and the repairs are noticeable from the outside because they are done so well.

The term “handyman” progressively describes a paid worker.

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A handyman, also known as a fixer, handyperson, or handyworker, is a person who is skilled in a variety of home repairs. It includes trade skills, repair work, and maintenance work.

Search on your browser for “handyman services near me” and choose the services from the search result. Handymen come to people’s houses to fix different types of problems.

According to reports on this profession, they paint, repair flooring, and work on plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning and heating systems, among other things.

Handyman services can be done from both inside and outside and are sometimes referred to as “side work,” “odd jobs,” or “fix-up tasks.” Plumbing jobs, such as fixing a leaky toilet, or light electric jobs, such as changing a light fixture or bulb, are examples of these jobs.

Many people are capable of performing simple household repairs. There are supplies on the Internet, as well as do-it-yourself guide books, that provide instructions for a variety of projects.

How Handy Works?

  1. Choose a Time:

Choose your service date and time, and receive instant, low-cost pricing.

  1. Immediately book:

Confirm your appointment and handle payment in an electronic and secure manner.

  1. Your professional arrives:

On time, an experienced, fully-equipped professional will arrive at your door.

Local Handyman Services

  1. Renovation & Painting:
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Local handyman services includes:-

Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Crown molding can add a graceful touch to any room. Painting the crown moulding can be difficult, whether you’re repainting the entire room or just updating the trim.

Deck Staining, Painting & Finishing

Decks and walkways can be stained by professional home repair contractors to protect them from the elements. One of the deck-related projects that your local Mr. Handyman can handle is staining and painting.

Door Painting

It takes a long time to remove house doors and paint each one by hand. A handyman has the tools and know-how to do a professional paint job in a fraction of the time. No job is too big or too small, whether you just want your front door painted or all of your doors.

Furniture Painting & Staining

A Handyman can assist you with anything from adding a splash of colour to your kitchen chairs to staining a second-hand table.

  1. Air Conditioner:

Whatever service you require, from heating and cooling to air quality, thermostats, attic insulation, and ductwork, the fully trained, licenced, and experienced technicians rely on cutting-edge technology, extensive resources, and leading manufacturers like Carrier, Lennox, Amana, Goodman, and Rheem.

Companies that specialise in handyman services put your goals, budget, and best interests first, maximising comfort, safety, and efficiency. 

Local Handyman Services is the company to call for HVAC sales, service, maintenance, and installation in Lake Worth, Palm Springs, Lake Worth Corridor, Greenacres, Westgate, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, and Delray Beach, FL.

  1. Installation & Wiring:
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The installation services include flooring, vanities, cabinets, doors, household fixtures, windows blind and drapery installation, windows curtains and shade installation, countertops, toilet repair and installation, and many more. 

The local handyman services are so good that it doesn’t matter whether you want a simple repair or a full replacement.

The wiring and electrical services include light fixture installation, replacement, and repair.

Also, get your television professionally mounted with the TV wall mount services.

  1. Plumber Services:
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If left alone, leaky pipes and faucets can waste a lot of water (and money).

A handyman can provide plumbing services for your home, including faucet repair, toilet replacement, pipe insulation, and more. Your neighbourhood handyman can handle any job, big or small.

The plumber’s services include leaking faucets or showerheads in your home. You can also upgrade your kitchen with a new or repaired sink. 

  1. House Cleaning:

Whether you need to focus on work or your family, outsourcing your cheap housekeeping is a great way to make better use of your time.

You can return to a home that is warm, welcoming, and immaculately clean now that the housekeeping has been taken care of. And if you think the best housekeeping services are out of your price range, reconsider.

The Handy platform connects you with low-cost housekeeping services, as well as the best-quality professionals, at the most competitive rates.

  1. Roof & Driveway Cleaning:
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Roofs should be cleaned with a soft, gentle wash. Handyman only uses shingle manufacturers’ approved soft washing methods.

Their non-damaging method, combined with their proprietary cleaning formula, ensures that your roof will remain clean and algae-free for years! Don’t put your expensive roof at risk by cleaning it incorrectly!

Handyman Services in Your Neighbourhood Exterior cleaning also takes great care to protect your home’s landscaping. All downspouts are bagged, and all bushes are covered.

Throughout the cleaning process, they either cover or thoroughly rinse all plants and trees to ensure that they are properly protected.

  1. Moving Services:
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Moving services could include packing, loading, transporting, and unloading furniture, appliances, and boxes.

You can unwind and enjoy a stress-free relocation knowing that your belongings are in capable hands. However, you don’t have to be moving to take advantage of your handyman’s moving services.

If you need assistance lugging a prized find home from a flea market or furniture store, your handyman will gladly assist you.

  1. Gardening & Garden Maintenance:
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The morale and well-being of those who live or work nearby are influenced by the garden areas of your property. The outside of your business will also play a role in forming a visitor’s first impression, so don’t overlook it.

A weed-infested lawn or a courtyard littered with leaves and trash do not reflect well on your company. The gardener’s handyman services are available to bring your gardens back to life and maintain them throughout the year.

Benefits of Handyman Services

  1. Time-Saving:

Renovation is expensive in its entirety. Repairs will intake a specific amount of time, effort, and emotion.

You’ll need to figure out what’s causing the issue, learn how to fix specific problems, and look for the most cost-effective tools and equipment.

If you don’t have the time to finish the job, don’t worry about it and try to fix it.

Find a reputable handyman service in your area, describe what needs to be fixed or repaired, and then sit back and wait for them to finish the job.

  1. Vast Range of Skills

Plumbing, wiring in a new light fixture, window replacement, and installations can be complicated for an untrained homeowner. 

Fortunately, hiring a handyman service will save you the trouble of locating people with various skills, such as plumbers, carpenters, painters, and other contractors. 

As a result, you won’t have to contact them separately—efficiency and convenience in one package.

  1. Budget Friendly

You won’t have to contact multiple contractors for home maintenance and repair, and you don’t have to payment them separately, removing a significant expense from your long list of financial obligations.

When a handyman comes to your house to fix something, have them look around for other things that need to be replaced, maintained, or restored.

Simple things like an air filter that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time will use more electricity than one that has recently been cleaned.

  1. Reliability

Reliability is a vital part of any handyman service.

Having a dedicated handyman service with a proven track record in your area will save you the aggravation of back jobs that will cost you money.

Heavy winds, sand, salt, and the occasional hurricane, for example, all take their toll on the interior and exterior integrity of Corpus Christi properties. 

When dealing with these issues, it’s best to contact a reputable and experienced handyman service in the area.

  1. Good Results

We have a tendency to do things ourselves to improve the appearance and functionality of our homes. 

If you can’t handle a fixer-upper properly, it’s probably not worth your time.

A handyman has the knowledge, tools, and connections to provide comprehensive home repair and maintenance. 

As a result, the end result will be of high quality, restoring your home to its original state.

Handyman Business

  • Market Estimate:

According to one estimate, the market for home maintenance and repair spending increased by 14% from 2001 to 2003.

According to another estimate, the US market was worth $126 billion and was growing at a rate of about 4% per year.

Homes in the United States are ageing. According to a report, most of the homes in 2007 were over 25+ years old. And, as the world’s population ages on average, and as more elderly people become less inclined and capable of maintaining their homes, demand for handyman services is likely to rise.

  • Independent Operators:

Many towns have part-time handymen who are skilled in a variety of tasks and work for friends, family, or neighbours. They may give ads in newspapers or on the internet. Quality, professionalism, skill level, and price all vary.

Contractors frequently criticise the work of previous contractors, and this is a practice that applies to all trades, not just handymen.

Handymen have advertised their services via flyers and mailings, and free websites like Craigslist and SkillSlate have assisted customers and handymen in finding each other.

  • Franchise Businesses:

In 2009, there were national handyman businesses that handled tasks such as public relations, marketing, advertising, and signage across the country but sold specific territories to franchisees.

A franchise agreement usually grants a franchisee the exclusive right to take service calls in a specific geographic area. These companies’ websites connect potential customers with local owners who have handymen and trucks.

Customers dial local phone numbers. These companies typically charge around $100 per hour, though rates vary depending on location and time of year.

There are professional handyworker firms in many parts of the world that do small home or commercial projects and claim to have benefits such as insured and licenced workers.

Their branch offices set up service appointments for full-time and part-time handymen to come out and make repairs, and they occasionally coordinate with subcontractors.

Online referral services are another competitor. Furthermore, some large home centres provide installation services for items such as cabinets and carpet.

Sometimes home owners contact a professional service after attempting but failing to complete repair work themselves; in one case, a Minneapolis homeowner attempted a project but ended up hiring a technician to complete it, and the total cost was significant.

  • Assessment of handyman options:

Doing your homework, reading reviews, and conducting an online search to learn as much as possible about the person who will come to your home are all helpful tips for finding a good handyman.

Paying time and materials is the cheapest option for small jobs. You can’t expect someone to drive an hour to your house to do a few hours of work.

Ask questions, get written estimates on company stationery, make sure handymen guarantee their work, pay with credit cards or checks so you have a record of each transaction, check references and licences, and read online reviews of the contractors.

To find a competent worker, ask friends for referrals or look for referrals from local sources such as a school, church, or office park to see if a staff handyman does projects on the side. A general contractor may also have workers who do projects on the side.

Additionally, one can test out a new handyman with simple projects like gutter cleaning to see how well they perform.

Handyman Skills

Basic Handyman Skills:

  • Minor electrical repair and wiring: Because electrical work can be dangerous and require a licence, be upfront about your experience and what you’re comfortable doing.
  • Installation and repair of large appliances: When giving examples, such as HVAC or water heater repair, be specific.
  • Carpentry: Listing every basic carpentry skill, such as finding a stud or using a saw, is impractical. Instead, make a list of a few carpentry jobs you’ve completed that demonstrate multiple skills.
  • Plumbing: Handymen are expected to have a variety of basic to intermediate plumbing skills. However, more advanced plumbing jobs, like electrical work, may necessitate the use of licensed professionals. When describing your skill level and experience, be as specific as possible. When at all possible, use examples.
  • Specific material skills: When describing your handyman skills, you may include a list of specific materials with which you are familiar. For example, mixing and pouring cement, applying grout and caulk, or staining and sealing.
  • Skills that are specific to a piece of equipment or a tool: Small excavators and track loaders, for example, require prior experience to operate properly.
  • Transferable skills: These are skills that can be used in a variety of jobs and describe a person’s work style. Being organised, adaptable, and dependable are examples of these qualities.

Handyman Skills in the Workplace:

  • Record keeping: Accurate records must be produced and maintained in any business. This will require a handyman to organise receipts, write invoices, apply for permits, and keep before and after pictures of their projects.
  • Driving: A handyman will typically need a valid driver’s licence and their own vehicle to travel between clients, pick up equipment, or file permits.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Handymen must be able to communicate effectively with clients and other tradespeople. They should be able to maintain professional relationships with clients and make them feel comfortable entrusting their property to them unsupervised.

Handyman Jobs

Requirements for a Handyman Jobs:

  • Proven handyman experience
  • Working knowledge of hardware and electrical equipment
  • A fundamental understanding of electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems is required.
  • Basic maths skills are required, as is the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Well-organised and capable of solving problems
  • High school diploma or equivalent attention to detail

List of Handyman Jobs:

See’s Candies3.9 StarShop Maintenance (Handyman)San Francisco, CAEmployer Provided Salary:$29 Per HourExcellence Services, LLC4.7 StarHandyman / GroundskeeperAtherton, CAEmployer Provided Salary:$30 – $38 Per Hour
us issworld3.4 StarHANDYMANSan Antonio, TXEmployer Provided Salary:$23 Per HourElevated LivingGeneral HandymanOak Brook, ILEmployer Provided Salary:$40 – $45 Per Hour
Spectrum Painting LLC3.0 StarCarpentry Worker / HandymanPompton Lakes, NJEmployer Provided Salary:$25 – $35 Per HourFast Easy OfferHandyman, Drywall, Electrical And Plumbing All TradesmenPhoenix, AZEmployer Provided Salary:$60K – $150K 
Werber Management1.0 StarFull-Time Handyman/ConstructionElmhurst, NYEmployer Provided Salary:$50K – $55K KANNER & PINTALUGA, P.A2.7 StarHandyman/ Property CaretakerFort Lauderdale, FLEmployer Provided Salary:$20 – $24 Per Hour
The Firm Facility ServicesGeneral HandymanNew York, NYEmployer Provided Salary:$45 Per HourThe SLG Group, Inc.Houseman/Handyman positions – West Hollywood and Beverly HillsLos Angeles, CAEmployer Provided Salary:$35 Per Hour

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are Handyman Services?

The Handyman services handle all aspects of your home’s maintenance. Everything is included in it, from the roof to the walls, and even the outside. Paints, machinery repair and maintenance, tiles, and so on. 

  1. Most common handyman services?

Drywall Installation 

Fixture Replacement

Smart Home Upgrade Installation 

painting for the interior and exterior

Power Washing

Tile Installation 

window Repair

Small Appliance Repair

  1. How much does a handyman charge per hour?

Hourly handyman rates typically range between $60 and $70 for independent workers and around $125 for a company-employed handyman. An experienced handyman will know how long it takes to complete a specific task and will charge accordingly.

  1. Top handyman services websites.

Handyman Pro

Chicago Handyman

Mr. Handyman


ACE Handyman Services


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