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Top Custom web development services in India

Custom web development means converting your business ideas into functional reality. Nowadays, if your business doesn’t exist online, then it means there’s no existence for your business. People still mostly search for things online, so you need to get your business online to grow faster. Custom web development services include analysis, wireframing, designing, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Custom web development services will give you the latest designs, smart and speedy web applications for all kinds of devices. The developer first makes strategies, builds a mock-up, and creates a beta version before finalizing the product. Custom development gives you a boost in performance, expandability, and security. Custom web development services give you an opportunity to pay for those features that are required for your web application. A custom website is made up of easy site management tools so that non-technical members can also make changes to the website without any technical support.

What is Custom Web Development Services?     

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Web: Internet-accessible web pages.

Development: the process of creating an application from the ground up.

Web development means designing an application that can be accessed on the internet. Web development is a shared process between front-end and back-end web development. It consists of web design, web produce, web programming, and database management. The web development commerce is expanding as businesses are willing to develop their own personal business websites to put their business online so they can easily advertise and trade the products and services to customers. 

There are lots of open source tools available for web development, like BerkeleyDB, GlassFish, the LAMP stack, and Perl/Plack. Web development tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, BlueGriffon, and Microsoft Visual Studio are easy-to-use. However, HTML knowledge is required to use all of this software, but it can be learned quickly. Nowadays, web developers even hand-over applications as web services. Examples can be seen in the cloud services available on the internet, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. 

Web development also includes e-commerce website development. Web development is now in the service of more widespread communication and social networking.

Web Development Types

  • Front-end web development
  • Back-end web development
  • Full-stack web development

1) Front-end web development

Front-end web development - Fly Digitals

Front-end web development is one of the most important aspects of web development types. It is based on the designing part. How the website will look and feel It includes colors, font types, and images used in web pages. Basically, what the client sees is developed using front-end web development. Suppose we are manufacturing a car, then the car’s design and color will occur in the front-end part.

A front-end developer has to keep these points in mind: the design should be responsive so the site shows up correctly on all mobile devices. Performance must be good; make sure the site opens up quickly. The development should be speedy and less time-consuming.

2) Back-end web development

Back-end web development - Fly Digitals

Back-end web development is a web development types that is as important as front-end as it is based on creating and managing the coding part that actually runs the website. Basically, the server-side part of a website that is accessible by a developer is back-end web development. In car manufacturing, the engine of a car and other functionalities will occur in the back-end part.Back-end is all logic that shapes the design of front-end. 

The users never see the back-end part, which contains all the behind-the-scenes activities. It is a back-end developer’s responsibility to build the structure of a software application. Back-end developers collaborate with front-end developers to develop a complete, user-friendly website.

3) Full-stack web development

Full-stack development - Fly Digitals

A full-stack developer is responsible for all aspects of web development. A full-stack developer works on the back-end, or server side, of the application as well as the front-end, or client side, of the application.

Full-stack development necessitates extensive knowledge of databases and user interface design. A full-stack developer has to help with the design and development of a website, test and debug the website for optimization, design UI and create servers and databases, keeping updated with new technologies and considering security concerns.

Front-end Frameworks

We have seen what front-end web development is, so front-end frameworks are tools or interfaces to develop the front-end of your website. 

Managing the AJAX requests, defining file structure, component styling, and associating the data with Document Object Model elements are some of the tasks we can perform using front-end frameworks.

A list of the best front-end frameworks

When we are looking for good front-end frameworks for creating the front-end of our website, there will always be some confusion about which framework is best among all of them. So, here you will get a list of some of the best front-end frameworks of 2022.

  o   React                

o   Angular 

o   VueJS         

o   JQuery     

o   EmberJS 

Back-end Frameworks

Back-end frameworks are used to build the structure of a website. Back-end frameworks consist of components that are used to develop dynamic web applications.

Back-end frameworks are basically software frameworks that are useful for managing websites.

A list of the best back-end frameworks

The back-end framework provides facilities such as scalability, robustness, security, integration, and less time consumption. Most of the back-end frameworks are open source. Here is a list of some of the best back-end frameworks.

o   Django   

o   Laravel  

o   Ruby 

o   ExpressJS 

o   NodeJS 

Web development skills

Here are some web development skills you need to know if you’re interested in creating custom web development services.

Programming potential: Robust coding ability is required. Someone should be mastering basic programming languages like HTML and CSS to make a start. And also, the programmer should be excited about learning new programming languages as technology changes over time.

Detailed observation: While programming, many small errors occur, so it needs to be recognised and skills are required to fix the errors. Also, debugging and testing processes require patience and analytical web development skills.

Innovative ideas: a good website needs to attract and hold its users, and it should also rank on search engine result pages. Developers have to be innovative to pull out the user experience, SEO, and other useful factors to build a good website.

Most web developers work alone, but teaming up with some organisation is also an imperative and part of web development skills.

Custom Web Development Services

Here are some of the services offered by custom web development services.

o CMS Development

o   Payment Gateway

o   Custom Development

o   Open-source development

o  E-commerce development

o   Web design and development

1)  CMS Development

CMS Development - Fly  Digitals

CMS stands for Content Management System. Even if you don’t have programming knowledge, CMS development can be used to build, maintain, and update a website.

2)  Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway - Fly Digitals

A gateway allows us to make online payments. It can merge payments with existing software. These payment gateways are designed to accept tapped and waved transactions using NFC technology.

3)  Custom Development

Custom Development - Fly Digitals

Custom software development is the process of building and managing software for a particular user or organisation. Custom software and its development are also called “bespoke software”. 

4)  Open-source development

 Open-source development - Fly Digitals

Open-source development is the process in which a website is developed using open-source software that is publicly available. Some open-source web development tools are AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, XAMPP, and phpMyAdmin.

5)  E-commerce development

E-commerce development - Fly Digitals

E-commerce development simply means a process by which an online business can be structured and can work effectively. An e-commerce website is always a good option for professional companies to increase the scope of transactions and sales online.

6)  Web design and development

Web design and development - Fly Digitals

Web design determines the user perspective of a website, while web development determines the server side of a website and how it functions.

Web development tools and techniques

Web development tools and techniques are very helpful and make a website developer’s work easier. Even beginners can build websites smoothly. Here is a list of some website development tools.


Top HTML5 website development tools

Top HTML5 website development tools - Fly Digitals

o       Envato HTML Templates

o       HTML5 Boilerplate

o       Rendera Online HTML5 Editor

o       HTML5 Outliner

o       Font Dragr

Top JAVA website development tools

Top JAVA website development tools - Fly Digitals

o       AngularJS

o       Grunt

o       Meteor

o       Webstorm

o       ProgressBar.js

Top open-source website development tools

Top open-source website development tools - Fly Digitals

o   Typescript

o   Jasmine

o   Chrome Developer Tools

o   NPM

o   Notepad++


Scheme for adaptable web design

You need to plan your design first, optimise images, add keyboard triggers in forms, and do other things that help to make your website more responsive. 

Maintain Consistency

Your website elements, like fonts, colours, and layouts, should be consistent throughout the whole site.

No Stock Photography

Don’t use so many cheesy and glamour shots. Users are looking for realistic content. Use meaningful images on your website.

Using responsive images

Use responsive images so it gives users a proper view on any device.

CSS media queries

You should follow CSS-Tricks to bring out ways of using media queries on a single style-sheet.

Use responsive data tables

Data tables are wide in area, so the user needs to zoom while seeing the table. In this case, you need to reformat the table to give the user a responsive experience.

Design a proper navigation system

Your navigation structure should be simple. Always merge navigation controls into the footer of your site.


If users don’t use your site, then the existence of your site is meaningless. So, you have to increase the usability of your site by making it more attractive. Use large buttons, labels, and visual effects to attract the user’s attention.

Frequently asked questions:

  •  Difference between Web Development and Web Design
Web DesignWeb Development
Web design should be creative in nature.Web development should be more technical in nature.
Web design refers to designing a user-friendly interface.Web development refers to building user-friendly websites based on a client’s specifications.
It transforms the ideas into visually appealing designs.It transforms designs into fully functional websites.
Web design refers to how the website looks and feels on the outside.Web development refers to the functionality of the website and how it works.
Web design tools include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Sketch, etc.Languages used are HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Ruby, jQuery, etc.
  •  What is a creative Web Developer?

There are many separate roles involved in the formation of a website. A unique website needs to be constructed as per users’ wants; it should function properly and have a structured layout. A creative web developer can build a unique website that is user-friendly. A creative web developer can make a user interface for a web application with interactive features. 

  •  What does a front-end developer do?

A front-end web developer concentrates on creating the best user interface. They pay attention only to the client-side of web applications. A creative web developer is a kind of specialised front-end web developer. A front-end developer uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript. A front-end developer is responsible for the interior design of a website. 

  •  What does a back-end developer do?

A back-end web developer concentrates on the server-side of a web application. They make the web application function. They focus on the process of how the database gets in touch with the browser and maintaining the functionality of a site. A back-end developer uses tools such as MySQL, Oracle, PHP frameworks, and Ruby. A back-end developer is responsible for the structure of a website.

  •  How to Become a Good Web Developer?

As we know, web developers come in three flavors: front-end, back-end, and full-stack. A front-end developer spends their time working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or JavaScript frameworks to design a good user interface for their website. A back-end developer spends most of their time working with databases and server-side languages. A full-stack developer does both front-end and back-end activities to make a good web application.

A good web developer, whether it’s a front-end developer, a back-end developer, or a full-stack developer, puts their heart and soul into creating a user-friendly website. A good web developer should be willing to learn about new technologies. Create a responsive website so it can look good on any laptop or mobile screen and increase its usability. A good web developer always tries to learn new things, but they make sure to select their specialization.


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